JonathanMorse: Comme furtive d'elle
JonathanMorse: "She still had the power, as she came tinkling, rustling"
JonathanMorse: She embraces the scarlet stigma
JonathanMorse: To hold and bestow
JonathanMorse: If Malevich had lived in Hawaii, he wouldn't have painted "White on White"
JonathanMorse: Recitative in contrapposto
JonathanMorse: By comparison, you ain't never been blue
JonathanMorse: Surface transport
JonathanMorse: In their vestments, bishops on b4 and G1
JonathanMorse: Argument from design
JonathanMorse: Embarkation: the night balloon
JonathanMorse: And fast by hanging in a golden Chain / This pendant world
JonathanMorse: They convene
JonathanMorse: The word "tropic" means "turning point"
JonathanMorse: Fraught
JonathanMorse: The dream of being a railroad train
JonathanMorse: In a changed time, to resee
JonathanMorse: She begins to know
JonathanMorse: Finis coronat opus
JonathanMorse: Learn of the green world what can be thy place
JonathanMorse: The weakness of symbolism: why take the ark when you can fly?
JonathanMorse: Comprehend
JonathanMorse: Light manufacturing