JonathanMorse: From Sandy Beach: Lanai, Molokai, Maui
JonathanMorse: Refreshed by his drink, Mr. Leopold Bloom's cat . . .
JonathanMorse: Brim and flock
JonathanMorse: Honolulu, November 28, 2020
JonathanMorse: Projector
JonathanMorse: Populating
JonathanMorse: Black receives black
JonathanMorse: Blue: one of the wells of calm
JonathanMorse: A story of a leaf
JonathanMorse: Estampe XLV: the fall rains
JonathanMorse: When to start painting
JonathanMorse: She realizes color
JonathanMorse: Shadecraft
JonathanMorse: Brazilian cardinal
JonathanMorse: Lightfactory
JonathanMorse: She takes wing to Charleston! Charleston!
JonathanMorse: It begins
JonathanMorse: Business with the celestial empire
JonathanMorse: Maître Rothko
JonathanMorse: One second before the war
JonathanMorse: Song after dinner
JonathanMorse: Green in tooth and claw
JonathanMorse: Shadow, shadowed
JonathanMorse: He realizes that the leaf is maskless and naked
JonathanMorse: A theory of purple
JonathanMorse: Leaf, oblique