kipuna (on/off): hurrying along the waterlilies
kipuna (on/off): not much rain this summer
kipuna (on/off): evening at the swamp
kipuna (on/off): grumpy finch
kipuna (on/off): hibiscus
kipuna (on/off): Happy Easter!
kipuna (on/off): Turnippi
kipuna (on/off): Spring approaching
kipuna (on/off): together in the sunshine
kipuna (on/off): Kullaanvuori
kipuna (on/off): Happy Holidays!
kipuna (on/off): Myyrä in the mirror
kipuna (on/off): just before all the leaves fell off
kipuna (on/off): Sleeping Turnippi
kipuna (on/off): Kurjenrahka
kipuna (on/off): Baltic Sea
kipuna (on/off): sightseeing
kipuna (on/off): waterlily
kipuna (on/off): Happy International Cat Day!
kipuna (on/off): summer evening
kipuna (on/off): Fushimi Inari Shrine
kipuna (on/off): A bumblebee
kipuna (on/off): flowers in the wind
kipuna (on/off): Marble Beach
kipuna (on/off): maybe they are friends.
kipuna (on/off): View from Satsukiyama