D-W-J-S: Shipbuilding
D-W-J-S: Cigarette Break
D-W-J-S: River Crossing, Dhaka
D-W-J-S: Beachcoming at the Buriganga River, Dhaka
D-W-J-S: Dhaka Railway Lines
D-W-J-S: Buriganga River, Dhaka
D-W-J-S: Old Dhaka
D-W-J-S: Busy Corner, New Market, Dhaka
D-W-J-S: Group of Friends
D-W-J-S: Fabric Stall Owner Such a sweet man. His wife (just out of shot) was delightful too! The people of Dhaka are so lovely
D-W-J-S: Fabric Stall Keeper
D-W-J-S: Dhaka Riverfront
D-W-J-S: Dhaka Alleyway
D-W-J-S: Frosty Flowers...Brrrrr!
D-W-J-S: Frosty Flower Head
D-W-J-S: Invergowrie Bay
D-W-J-S: Under the V&A
D-W-J-S: Riverside, Dundee
D-W-J-S: Riverside Drive
D-W-J-S: Still Tay
D-W-J-S: Crow
D-W-J-S: Tay Road Bridge
D-W-J-S: Low Tide at Tay Bridge 2
D-W-J-S: Low Tide at Tay Bridge
D-W-J-S: Tay Rail Bridge at Low Tide
D-W-J-S: The Silvery Tay
D-W-J-S: Train on the Bridge!
D-W-J-S: Tay Mud
D-W-J-S: Tay Rail Bridge
D-W-J-S: Coffee and a Chat Mono