Bruce@KateCod: Race Point Light
Bruce@KateCod: Highland Lighthouse Night Lights
Bruce@KateCod: Highland Nightlights
Bruce@KateCod: A Starry Starry Lighthouse Night
Bruce@KateCod: Double Sunset Reflection
Bruce@KateCod: GlacierNP LongExposure StMaryFalls
Bruce@KateCod: Sunrise reflections on St. Mary Lake, Glacier NP
Bruce@KateCod: Long Exposure in Glacier National Park under the moonlit sky
Bruce@KateCod: Mountain Stream long exposure at dusk in Glacier NP
Bruce@KateCod: Milky Way over the old Coast Guard Station
Bruce@KateCod: A long-exposure shot of moving clouds following a storm passage at Highland Lighthouse, Truro, Cape Cod
Bruce@KateCod: Reflections of storm clouds at sunset on Boat Meadow Marsh, Cape Cod
Bruce@KateCod: HighlandLightNightClouds
Bruce@KateCod: #Nauset #Lighthouse with a side of #Milky #Way, #Eastham, #Cape Cod #National #Seashore.
Bruce@KateCod: Milky Way spiral arms at Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod
Bruce@KateCod: Rock Harbor Sunset, Cape Cod
Bruce@KateCod: Dogwood Days of Cape Cod Summer
Bruce@KateCod: Cape Cod garden
Bruce@KateCod: Cape Cod Bay low tide sunset-drone
Bruce@KateCod: Naples Botanical Garden Feb '19
Bruce@KateCod: Naples Botanical Garden Feb '19-2
Bruce@KateCod: Venice Pier Last Light Long Exp-2
Bruce@KateCod: Venice Pier Last Rays of the Day
Bruce@KateCod: Venice Pier Perspective
Bruce@KateCod: Raymondskil Falls
Bruce@KateCod: Sohola Falls Day-2
Bruce@KateCod: Mt Rainier Stream
Bruce@KateCod: Nauset Lighthouse Milky Way
Bruce@KateCod: Moonshine Train- Durango Yard
Bruce@KateCod: Comin Round the Mountain-3