jtr27: The Sylvan Way
jtr27: snyder brook, new hampshire
jtr27: Kidney Pond, Baxter State Park
garywitte845: Spiderwort - Entangled Buds
jtr27: abandoned farmhouse
jtr27: lupines
jtr27: somewhere in vermont
jtr27: reflection pond
jtr27: sandhill crane
BillsExplorations: out of gas...(HSS)
jtr27: driveabout
garywitte845: Wednesday's Thistle
Toats Master: Bleeding Hearts
Toats Master: Lily of the Valley
William/Galt0719: [I know a place]
jtr27: half spent
jtr27: Mount Liberty, New Hampshire
jtr27: in the fern garden
jtr27: solomon's seal
Don Henderson: Sticks & Stones
jtr27: on east baldpate mountain, maine
Toats Master: A Dash of Color
rjmonner: On The Farm_199295
Barry Cruver: Rusty Chevrolet
Barry Cruver: Kutztown Barn
jtr27: Hiking the Baldpates, Maine
jtr27: a small miracle
jtr27: purple trillium
wdterp: Shooting Star