TPStearns: Filoli flowers
TPStearns: Orchids
TPStearns: In stone
TPStearns: Purple on green
TPStearns: Rusty plow
TPStearns: Many suns
TPStearns: bug eyes
TPStearns: Still, life
TPStearns: Untired cart
TPStearns: Tree candles
TPStearns: Nero
TPStearns: Impermanence
TPStearns: Corona
TPStearns: Tired
TPStearns: Going nowhere
TPStearns: Quiet fountain
TPStearns: Buddah in agapanthus
TPStearns: Three bowls
TPStearns: It goes in here
TPStearns: Custom
TPStearns: Deere John
TPStearns: Dusty ride
TPStearns: Caterpillar
TPStearns: Just watching
TPStearns: High voltage and unsettled skies
TPStearns: East to the sky
TPStearns: Shadows on weathered wood
TPStearns: Barbed
TPStearns: Winter apple
TPStearns: Pitcher, globe, mug