JFGryphon: Frosty McMeltdown, Flushing Meadows Park
JFGryphon: Looking North
JFGryphon: Folk Art -- Leo's Alligator
JFGryphon: Homes for the Holidays -- about 1947
JFGryphon: Rosanne & Maasai Friends
JFGryphon: Watching the Solar Eclipse of Jan. 24th 1925
JFGryphon: Irene and Mohonk's Magic Mirror
JFGryphon: Mohonk Christmas Tree
JFGryphon: We met Flickr’s Eileen McNamee at Mohonk
JFGryphon: At Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, New York
JFGryphon: Holiday Lights at the Bronx Zoo
JFGryphon: Cobweb Hall -- 1915
JFGryphon: Hall of Science Construction
JFGryphon: Hand Water Pump -- 1898
JFGryphon: Bleachers are for jumping
JFGryphon: Our Next-door Neighbor's Apartment
JFGryphon: “The Fastest Man in the World” -- 1907
JFGryphon: No Sleeping Late This Morning
JFGryphon: Back in pre-Covid days ...
JFGryphon: Latest Radio Set -- 1925
JFGryphon: Mr Pickwick Slides on the Ice
JFGryphon: "I love to polish stoves" -- about 1886
JFGryphon: Glenn Curtiss's First Flight -- June 28th 1907
JFGryphon: Irene's Chorus -- Today
JFGryphon: Dr. King's Guide to Health -- 1895
JFGryphon: Memorial to a Blue Atlas Cedar, 1931-1994
JFGryphon: Irene & the Alligator*
JFGryphon: Pioneer TV Drawing Instructor -- 1955
JFGryphon: "Look at the Little People !"
JFGryphon: Off to California, 1835