klh1332: Slow Death In The Desert
klh1332: Monochrome Mesquite
klh1332: Death Valley in Black and White
klh1332: Monochrome Sunset Flanked By Trees
klh1332: Wait Here
klh1332: It's Time
klh1332: Grounded 1
klh1332: Tower of Letters
klh1332: Bound and Determined
klh1332: Outside Voice
klh1332: Look No Hands
klh1332: Barn on Cloudy Day
klh1332: Mural
klh1332: Front Door
klh1332: North STL
klh1332: Big Wheel
klh1332: Ohio River Barge
klh1332: Rio Grande Gorge Bridge
klh1332: Ohio River Reflections
klh1332: Big Truck Art
klh1332: Mesquite Dunes Horizontal View
klh1332: The Coner
klh1332: Matchbook Cars Glued To a Colorful Surface Exposed To Desert Elements
klh1332: Vehicles and Vehicle Parts Left Out By The Mississippi River For Some Reason
klh1332: Steptoe Butte
klh1332: Distant Memories From The Grandstand
klh1332: It Always Ends But Never Stops
klh1332: Monument For The Unknown Floating Tire
klh1332: Monroe's Barber Shop and Game Room
klh1332: Carr School