hyphy2008: Dwarf Bottle-Brush Macro Study
hyphy2008: Dwarf Bottle Brush with Bokeh
hyphy2008: Belinda's Dream Rose
hyphy2008: This Year's First Apple Blossom
hyphy2008: Bottle Brush Tree Bark & Bokeh
hyphy2008: Forms In Nature
hyphy2008: Berries & Bokeh
hyphy2008: Belinda's Dream Rose Macro
hyphy2008: Bark & Bokeh
hyphy2008: Muscovy Duck With Bokeh
hyphy2008: Swimming Duck With Reflections
hyphy2008: Flowering Rosebud, New Growth & Bokeh
hyphy2008: Bottle Brush & Bokeh
hyphy2008: Society Garlic
hyphy2008: Azalea Macro
hyphy2008: Azaleas and Bokeh
hyphy2008: Camellis & Bokeh
hyphy2008: Aida At The Houston Grand Opera
hyphy2008: Reflections On The Glass Ceiling Of The Wortham Theater
hyphy2008: Knockout Rose
hyphy2008: Pine Cones & Pine Needles
hyphy2008: Muscovy Duck
hyphy2008: Mystery Flower
hyphy2008: Azalea Macro With Bokeh
hyphy2008: Azaleas & Bokeh
hyphy2008: Mystery Flower
hyphy2008: White Camellia
hyphy2008: Egyptian Goose
hyphy2008: Moscovy Duck Sillouette With Reflected Sun Flares
hyphy2008: Wortham Theater Lobby