ronmcbride66: The tide is out: Belfast Lough
ronmcbride66: Christmas Day 2009
ronmcbride66: Swans spotted from inside the greenhouse
ronmcbride66: Bristol on the Avon: new extension on a barge / houseboat
ronmcbride66: Winter's icy grip: Hillsborough Lake, Christmas Eve 2009
ronmcbride66: Christmas Eve 2009: the lake in Hillsborough Forest Park, Co. Down
ronmcbride66: Christmas Eve
ronmcbride66: Journey into space ...
ronmcbride66: Connemara ponies
ronmcbride66: First encounter with cows
ronmcbride66: The wonder of poppies
ronmcbride66: Cape Daisies
ronmcbride66: Memories of Spring
ronmcbride66: Jack Russell pup, 'Daisy', at 3 months
ronmcbride66: A lot of moss
ronmcbride66: Little Egret on the mudflats, Dundrum Bay, Co. Down
ronmcbride66: Goldfinch action
ronmcbride66: Namibia: Okaukuejo in the late afternoon
ronmcbride66: Windfall: an apple a day ...
ronmcbride66: Misty morning and Skimmia with webs made by the caterpillars of the Ermine moth
ronmcbride66: Sundown in Damaraland, Namibia: time to clear the table
ronmcbride66: Blackbird in December sun
ronmcbride66: Skimmia Japonica
ronmcbride66: Agapanthus to the fore ... backed by geraniums and pieris
ronmcbride66: Indulgence
ronmcbride66: Window shopping in St Cirq-la-Popie, France
ronmcbride66: Robin in December 2011
ronmcbride66: Winter sun by the lake
ronmcbride66: Swans on ice ... looking into into the sun
ronmcbride66: Kitchen: still life