Ivan Radic: Close-up of a poisonous snake
Ivan Radic: Close-up of a fish swimming in the water
Ivan Radic: Light beams coming from behind the cloud. Symbol of hope
Ivan Radic: Analog card telephone on the hospital wall. Symbol of stagnation
Ivan Radic: 3D printed helmet from Fallout game series
Ivan Radic: Small robot with pen doodling on a large white surface
Ivan Radic: Simple hologram made via rotation
Ivan Radic: Nachbildung einer Flugmaschine von Leonardo Da Vinci
Ivan Radic: Mushrooms growing on 3D substrate
Ivan Radic: Mockup of a Leonardo da Vinci parachute
Ivan Radic: Marshall MG15DFX amp hooked up to a small DIY radio
Ivan Radic: A little girl giving her mom an apple. An apple in a toddler’s hand
Ivan Radic: Toddler's hand on a tramboline safety net. Symbol of carefree childhood
Ivan Radic: Toddler's feet and four ripe apples on the concrete. Playing with apples in the park
Ivan Radic: Portrait of a black dog in the backyard photographed through the fence
Ivan Radic: Kleines Mädchen isst Äpfel
Ivan Radic: Damaged old Mercedes in the backyard of a farmhouse. Prepared for restoration
Ivan Radic: A young man holding a glass of iced coffee at home at sundown. Happy hour non-alcoholic beverage
Ivan Radic: A toddler sliding down a slide
Ivan Radic: A mom teaching her daughter how to count using apples at the park
Ivan Radic: A girl walking down the path towards her mother
Ivan Radic: A mom playing with her daughter in the backyard. A little girl playing on her mom's legs
Ivan Radic: A little girl using a ladder to climb a slide
Ivan Radic: A little girl grasping for the apples
Ivan Radic: A little girl collecting apples from the concrete
Ivan Radic: Vertical farming at home with hydroponic system by Ponix Systems
Ivan Radic: Verstärker von Laney angeschlossen an ein Eigenbau-Radio
Ivan Radic: Underside of a laptop after teardown. Visible parts
Ivan Radic: Small plywood bipedal robot made by Robocoop
Ivan Radic: Robot CubeSolver löst einen Zauberwürfel