marin.tomic: greetings from Sydney!
marin.tomic: Darling Harbour
marin.tomic: Royal National Park
marin.tomic: those walks on the beach
marin.tomic: down under upside down
marin.tomic: meet the ocean
marin.tomic: view to remember
marin.tomic: what an entrance
marin.tomic: art on Bondi Beach
marin.tomic: café with a view
marin.tomic: love koalas!
marin.tomic: holding on
marin.tomic: 12 Apostles
marin.tomic: dry lands
marin.tomic: the lonely trees of Colac
marin.tomic: wine, anyone?
marin.tomic: on Lake Colac
marin.tomic: small town lights
marin.tomic: Cape Otway Lighthouse
marin.tomic: rough coast
marin.tomic: Aireys Inlet beach
marin.tomic: I saw kangaroos!
marin.tomic: hopping kangaroos
marin.tomic: the surf on Bells Beach
marin.tomic: sunset walking on Bells Beach
marin.tomic: why so shy
marin.tomic: Melbourne skyline
marin.tomic: MelbourneMelbourneMelbourne
marin.tomic: St Kilda Beach
marin.tomic: Melbourne vertigo