marin.tomic: cool off
marin.tomic: Calella de Palafrugell
marin.tomic: Girona atmosphere
marin.tomic: Cathedral of Girona
marin.tomic: light on the Mediterranean is different
marin.tomic: Med blue
marin.tomic: through the grid
marin.tomic: up and down
marin.tomic: villa with a view
marin.tomic: wasting time
marin.tomic: colors of a city...
marin.tomic: Placa A. Prat
marin.tomic: just frame it
marin.tomic: the fog
marin.tomic: afternoon in Girona
marin.tomic: Spanish summer
marin.tomic: les baigneurs
marin.tomic: the observer
marin.tomic: reminder of better times
marin.tomic: they do resist
marin.tomic: Girona's roofs
marin.tomic: at the end of the road
marin.tomic: wild coast
marin.tomic: alleys of Girona
marin.tomic: seat with a view
marin.tomic: colorful summer
marin.tomic: shrouded in mist