EricMakPhotography: View of the high-rise buildings in Canary Wharf
EricMakPhotography: Limehouse Basin Marina
EricMakPhotography: Canary Wharf riverview
EricMakPhotography: Calls Landing
EricMakPhotography: End of the day
EricMakPhotography: Revisiting the Thames at sunrise
EricMakPhotography: Waterloo Bridge
EricMakPhotography: The London Eye
EricMakPhotography: Orange sunset
EricMakPhotography: Victoria Quarters, Leeds
EricMakPhotography: Dusk colour
EricMakPhotography: London Canal Graffiti
EricMakPhotography: Thames Barrier
EricMakPhotography: Sunset over Brimham Rocks
EricMakPhotography: Lone Tree in Rock Formation
EricMakPhotography: Ghost town
EricMakPhotography: Back to Grand Haven
EricMakPhotography: Road to Infinity
EricMakPhotography: Contemplation
EricMakPhotography: The last glimpse of light
EricMakPhotography: Sunset over lighthouse
EricMakPhotography: Grand Haven sunset
EricMakPhotography: Light trails on Tower Bridge
EricMakPhotography: Reflection of the rising sun
EricMakPhotography: Panoramic view from Tower Bridge
EricMakPhotography: Color of sunrise
EricMakPhotography: London at Dawn
EricMakPhotography: Dusk color
EricMakPhotography: Panorama of the city of Boston and Cambridge, MA