silvrmn: With the Band
silvrmn: Dazzling Earrings
silvrmn: Bandit of Love
silvrmn: Blonde Skater in Tangerine
silvrmn: A Better-Looking Man Just to My Right
silvrmn: Dog-Walker with Pizazz
silvrmn: Cheerio!
silvrmn: Tic-tac?
silvrmn: Skater, Red in Hair and Beard
silvrmn: Blonde Skater with Pom-Pom
silvrmn: There's Never a Macro When You Need It
silvrmn: Suspicion of Equivalence
silvrmn: Mr. D's - Exterior
silvrmn: Mr. D's Steak Sandwich
silvrmn: Mr. D's - Mike Grills Double Cheeseburgers
silvrmn: Mr. D's Entire Staff
silvrmn: "Ad Astra" Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Finnish, 1894/96 (Art Institute of Chicago)
silvrmn: Feminine Gesture
silvrmn: Something from Grandma's Closet (or Cher's)
silvrmn: Cigar Guy #332 Pays for Parking
silvrmn: Momentary Eye Contact with Bearded Man
silvrmn: Blonde with Bear
silvrmn: Blonde in Classic Polo Coat
silvrmn: Almost Perfect
silvrmn: Almost Perfect B&W
silvrmn: Peace + Love
silvrmn: Asian Tourist Poses
silvrmn: Huge Smile
silvrmn: Look!
silvrmn: Embroidered White Motorcycle Jacket