Joseph-A: Sunset behind our house!
Joseph-A: Caught napping...
Joseph-A: Waning Gibbous Moon and Clouds
Joseph-A: Post Sunrise
Joseph-A: Cormorants
Joseph-A: Pelican Reflection
Joseph-A: Sunrise Yesterday
Joseph-A: St. Vrain Creek near Lyons, CO
Joseph-A: Colorado Sunrise
Joseph-A: Vertical Panorama
Joseph-A: Sunrise on the Pond
Joseph-A: Sunrise
Joseph-A: My daughter drew me as a Las Vegas Raider!
Joseph-A: Sunrise
Joseph-A: Beautiful Sunrise this Morning
Joseph-A: Storm Clouds near Mead, CO.
Joseph-A: Waxing Gibbous Moon 06-03-20
Joseph-A: Hawk Sequence
Joseph-A: Storm Clouds Last Night
Joseph-A: Firestone, CO
Joseph-A: Memorial Day Sunrise
Joseph-A: Herons at Sunrise
Joseph-A: Sunrise Heron
Joseph-A: Bird Sequence - Blue Heron
Joseph-A: Sunrise, St. Vrain State Park, Colorado
Joseph-A: Blue Herons
Joseph-A: Maple Leaves
Joseph-A: Peak To Peak Highway Sequence
Joseph-A: Barn, Windmill and one Bird
Joseph-A: Peak to Peak Highway