katiepie89: 2K5A0003 Sunset in Sonoma County Wine Country
katiepie89: 2K5A9166 Snowy Egret in Flight
katiepie89: 2K5A0038 Old Vine at Sunset
katiepie89: 2K5A9381 Teddy 02-14-2020
katiepie89: 2K5A8096 Great Egret Reflection
katiepie89: 2K5A6055- Hawks Landing in the Treetops
katiepie89: 2K5A8145 Scrub Jay Taking Flight
katiepie89: 2K5A8073 Great Egret Spreading its Wings
katiepie89: 2K5A8023 Great Egret 01-25-2020
katiepie89: 2K5A7923 Stately Great Egret 01-25-2020
katiepie89: 2K5A8205 Early Morning Fog Jan 2020
katiepie89: 2K5A8113 Red Shouldered Hawk
katiepie89: 2K5A8020 Great Egret
katiepie89: 2K5A8074 Great Egret - 01-25-2020
katiepie89: 2K5A3894 Setting Sun at Armida Winery
katiepie89: 2K5A5853 Swan in the Sparkling Morning Light
katiepie89: 2K5A5365 Canada Geese in Flight
katiepie89: 2K5A5404 The Disagreement v2
katiepie89: 2K5A5811 Swan in the Sparkling Water
katiepie89: 2K5A5289 Synchronized Swimming
katiepie89: 2K5A6407 Anna's Hummingbird
katiepie89: 2K5A5801 Mute Swan in the Sparkling Water
katiepie89: 2K5A4797 Mr Pi
katiepie89: 2K5A4641 Spotted Towhee
katiepie89: 2K5A4178 Sunrise Clouds Over Petaluma
katiepie89: 2K5A4112 New Year's Sunrise
katiepie89: 2K5A1653 Ibis
katiepie89: 2K5A1464 Petaluma Hills
katiepie89: 2K5A3919 Sunset at Armida Winery
katiepie89: 2K5A3588 Winter Vineyard DeLorimier Winery