zadeleilani: blue eyed beauty
zadeleilani: Playful ponies!!
zadeleilani: My cat 🐱
zadeleilani: 🌿
zadeleilani: haven’t posted in a while, life is getting busy again! 🐭
zadeleilani: Christmas candle!
zadeleilani: ️
zadeleilani: My moms winter bouquet πŸ’β„οΈ
zadeleilani: Looks like I’m going to have a white Christmas πŸŽ„
zadeleilani: After eating some snow ❄️
zadeleilani: My moms jewelry πŸ’
zadeleilani: β˜ƒοΈ
zadeleilani: Missing the fall colors 🍁
zadeleilani: One of my riders, it was her first time riding Beau!
zadeleilani: Ziggi 🐱
zadeleilani: Jesus Loves You Snow Much!