edouard53: Wildlife on the river
edouard53: _DSC3411 - Muskrat
edouard53: _DSC2373 On the move II
edouard53: _DSC5967 Watching
edouard53: _DSC3152 Hangin' with the big birds
edouard53: _DSC2974 Over Lock 7
edouard53: _DSC3068 Mallard Yoga
edouard53: _DSC0883 Ring-billed in B&W
edouard53: _DSC2949 Mallards on the wing
edouard53: _DSC2899 In bound
edouard53: _DSC2353 Coyote
edouard53: _DSC2798 Flying off
edouard53: _DSC2636 Taking to wing
edouard53: _DSC7097 Heading inland
edouard53: _DSC0816 Ta-Daa
edouard53: _DSC9131 Steely-eyed
edouard53: _DSC2381 On the move
edouard53: _DSC2447 Canvasback flyby on the upper
edouard53: _DSC2383 The eyes of a predator
edouard53: _DSC5089 Bald Eagle
edouard53: _DSC2121 White-breasted Nuthatch
edouard53: Geese and Swans at Lock 7
edouard53: _DSC2116 White-breasted Nuthatch
edouard53: _DSC1937 - Playing in a puddle
edouard53: _DSC1850 Red-breasted Mergansers
edouard53: _DSC2128 In the afternoon light
edouard53: _DSC1803 Blonde Squirrel
edouard53: _DSC2301 Hold that pose
edouard53: _DSC6256 - White-tailed Doe and fawns
edouard53: _DSC2566 Great Blue Heron