anjella.buckens: Baby gorilla
anjella.buckens: Prachtige koperwiek
anjella.buckens: Beautiful wildlife in the Netherlands
anjella.buckens: While I was switching cameras, suddenly a fox came to visit
anjella.buckens: A happy meal for this squirrel
anjella.buckens: Beautiful gull
anjella.buckens: This beautiful lion was hugging the tree
anjella.buckens: What a beautiful animal, the steppe fox
anjella.buckens: Beautiful gorilla in mind
anjella.buckens: Meerkats on the lookout
anjella.buckens: A nice picture. The gorilla mama with her child
anjella.buckens: A hyena young, discovering the world
anjella.buckens: You don't see them every day, the steppe fox
anjella.buckens: The lion enjoys the beautiful weather 🌞
anjella.buckens: Beautiful secretary bird
anjella.buckens: A pole-dancing squirrel
anjella.buckens: Squirrel in duplicate. Beautiful reflection
anjella.buckens: Frog in duplicate. Beautiful reflection
anjella.buckens: Budgerigar. Monniksparkiet. Barcelona
anjella.buckens: This fox was about 5 meters away
anjella.buckens: Beautiful squirrel with reflection
anjella.buckens: Photogenic crested tit
anjella.buckens: beautiful hawfinch with reflection
anjella.buckens: This pink pelican is brushing its feathers
anjella.buckens: What a beautiful bird off prey, the buzzard
anjella.buckens: Beautiful redwing in the sun
anjella.buckens: Small but nice, the siskin
anjella.buckens: The beautiful colors of the Jay are refreshed after bathing
anjella.buckens: FOR ALL SQUIRREL FANS! 😄 this is one off my favorite pictures. Jumping Squirrel
anjella.buckens: A fluffy and curious little squirrel