c-s.photos: Vacant
c-s.photos: untitled
c-s.photos: Detroit Skyline
c-s.photos: Monarch
c-s.photos: Busy Bee
c-s.photos: The Cottonwood
c-s.photos: Roots
c-s.photos: untitled
c-s.photos: Milkweed
c-s.photos: The "Mighty Mac"
c-s.photos: Toad On A Leaf
c-s.photos: Chipmunk
c-s.photos: House On A Hill
c-s.photos: Whitefish Point Light
c-s.photos: Flea Market Find
c-s.photos: Room For Shrooms
c-s.photos: It's Electrifying
c-s.photos: Crooked Spire
c-s.photos: No Need For Feed
c-s.photos: Urban Landscape
c-s.photos: Michigan Central Depot
c-s.photos: City Sunset
c-s.photos: street photo
c-s.photos: Winter Tree
c-s.photos: autumn nature
c-s.photos: lighthouse landscape
c-s.photos: abandoned factory
c-s.photos: Whitefish Point Light
c-s.photos: Manistique East Breakwater Light
c-s.photos: Detroit Sunset