youme&meyou: DSCF7376
youme&meyou: DSCF7363
youme&meyou: DSCF7347
youme&meyou: Await.
youme&meyou: DSCF7328
youme&meyou: shadow and stairway 3
youme&meyou: shadow and stairway 2
youme&meyou: shadow and stairway 1
youme&meyou: DSCF7202
youme&meyou: Secure.
youme&meyou: Left? Straight?
youme&meyou: Emptyness
youme&meyou: DSCF7107
youme&meyou: It begins.
youme&meyou: DSCF6899
youme&meyou: On The Sunny Side of Life.
youme&meyou: DSCF7015 1
youme&meyou: DSCF6981
youme&meyou: I get wings, someday.
youme&meyou: DSCF6906
youme&meyou: DSCF6851
youme&meyou: DSCF6187 1
youme&meyou: DSCF6142
youme&meyou: Heinkel Tourist
youme&meyou: Last sunny days.
youme&meyou: DSCF6719
youme&meyou: DSCF6702
youme&meyou: Hand in Hand.
youme&meyou: First look at autumn