joachim.hingler: The purple dogs guard the place
joachim.hingler: The view from the bay is better with glasses
joachim.hingler: The stairs to the modern art exhibition
joachim.hingler: Romantic night in the streets of Firenze (Serie Red ist the color)
joachim.hingler: Sometimes I'm like a kid
joachim.hingler: L'antica pescheria dell'Appennino (The old fish shop in the Apennines)
joachim.hingler: A cult car in front of a classic backdrop
joachim.hingler: A Small break on the castle wall
joachim.hingler: The wonderful green valley of valdobbiadene
joachim.hingler: The mystic of the river livenza near the source
joachim.hingler: Mar Ligure d'inverno (Ligurian sea in winter)
joachim.hingler: The shadow of reflective buildings
joachim.hingler: Last chair standing
joachim.hingler: The Eavesdropper on the Road (Night light in Marktbreit)
joachim.hingler: Night lighting in Marktbreit
joachim.hingler: Thinking about
joachim.hingler: Fog rises, no view of the valley
joachim.hingler: Passenger shipping is suspended in winter
joachim.hingler: Beach feeling in wintertime
joachim.hingler: The demonstration is over
joachim.hingler: under a shady great tree in late summer
joachim.hingler: The ignored big foot
joachim.hingler: The staircase to the art exhibition
joachim.hingler: Looking out of the stairwell
joachim.hingler: Go. Otherwise the traffic light will turn red again
joachim.hingler: Floating farewell with the escalator
joachim.hingler: Red and white shutters and a bicycle
joachim.hingler: Different architectural styles in one place
joachim.hingler: No wurstel today?
joachim.hingler: Through the mystic alley