lewpatrick86: 2020-05-23_12-46-40
lewpatrick86: 2020-05-23_12-46-02
lewpatrick86: 2020-05-23_12-45-39
lewpatrick86: 2020-05-23_12-45-17
lewpatrick86: Dandylion
lewpatrick86: Video_20200518093822203_by_videoshow
lewpatrick86: French military tow truck scale 1.43.
lewpatrick86: Water...not required.
lewpatrick86: 2020-05-13_09-21-54
lewpatrick86: 2020-05-13_09-04-55
lewpatrick86: My late wife with daughter
lewpatrick86: loving memory
lewpatrick86: Kenworth A900 military tractor unit and tank transport trailer scale 1.43.
lewpatrick86: The passing seasons.
lewpatrick86: Just watching the boats go by..2
lewpatrick86: Just watching the boats go by.
lewpatrick86: Mother and daughter
lewpatrick86: Heavy cloud cover
lewpatrick86: 2020-03-23_02-55-06
lewpatrick86: 2020-03-23_02-52-47
lewpatrick86: 2020-03-23_02-52-19
lewpatrick86: 2020-03-23_02-51-44
lewpatrick86: Thats no motor boat
lewpatrick86: A few dafs to pretty things up.
lewpatrick86: Right on the corner
lewpatrick86: Tuttals the cat. Sometimes not everything is black and white.
lewpatrick86: A little chapel just outside Metfield Norfolk
lewpatrick86: A bunch of Dafs.