ivanvolchek1: Tractor plows the field after harvesting corn
ivanvolchek1: A man in rubber boots stands on the field and the rays of the setting sun illuminate rubber boots
ivanvolchek1: Sowing maize in fertilized soil
ivanvolchek1: Corn field after harvest at sunset
ivanvolchek1: Agriculture fertilizer granules
ivanvolchek1: Traces of agricultural machinery on black soil
ivanvolchek1: Good crops of winter wheat in the spring farm field
ivanvolchek1: Round willow firewood
ivanvolchek1: Dangerous asphalt road with holes destroyed
ivanvolchek1: Dry corn field after harvest on a rural farm
ivanvolchek1: The small asphalt road, located outside of the village
ivanvolchek1: Drying and storage of firewood in the form of a house
ivanvolchek1: Empty asphalt road leading to the village
ivanvolchek1: Spring landscape in sunny day with a field of green winter wheat seedlings and blue sky
ivanvolchek1: Traffic sign "Turning direction" (small) indicates the direction of movement on the curve of the road
ivanvolchek1: Long straight empty highway surrounded by spring trees
ivanvolchek1: Wheat field in early spring treated with fertilizers using a tractor
ivanvolchek1: Spring, the winter wheat turning green
ivanvolchek1: In winter cereals, leaves turn yellow due to lack of air in the soil (soil compaction), nutritional deficiencies and disease
ivanvolchek1: Winter wheat field fragment at early spring
ivanvolchek1: Farmer stands in rubber boots on young winter wheat in spring in the field
ivanvolchek1: New shoots of winter wheat in a spring field and in the distance the abandoned buildings of an enterprise in Russia
ivanvolchek1: An empty asphalt road goes into the distance
ivanvolchek1: Lake and green trees near the water on a sunny day
ivanvolchek1: Ploughed field in spring prepared for sowing
ivanvolchek1: Plough agriculture field before sowing
ivanvolchek1: Country road in perfect daylight
ivanvolchek1: Spring field with green wheat
ivanvolchek1: Plowed field ready for planting. The treated soil in the spring in agriculture, Russia
ivanvolchek1: The road passes through fields of green winter wheat on both sides