trastav20: The one who found the time (On the left, an advertisement for SIM cards: Give time to your loved ones)😀
trastav20: At the tram stop on a sunny February day
trastav20: The Bond's Lincoln?😀
trastav20: Happy birthday cool guy! (The inscription on the balloon)
trastav20: Sydney summer.
trastav20: Twins
trastav20: Winter fantasy
trastav20: Self-portrait
trastav20: Overnight, the vehicles acquired interesting shapes - snow came to the city.
trastav20: Zumo_krd, a street singer, a musician and composer.
trastav20: MyFlickrYear2023 Photo
trastav20: Absolutely Red Thing
trastav20: Best of poses
trastav20: Sunday street scenes
trastav20: Stop smiling
trastav20: On the Iena bridge
trastav20: Get prettier in the morning of the first day of the year.
trastav20: Last day of the year: Make it to midnight!
trastav20: Fool moon
trastav20: Kiss
trastav20: Night reflections
trastav20: At the telescope. An amateur astronomer of my acquaintance is watching the sky.
trastav20: Earth and Uranus in the Solar System
trastav20: A new installation in our park this winter is the Solar System!
trastav20: The Magic of Christmas
trastav20: Evening city
trastav20: Good morning!
trastav20: Morning sky
trastav20: Andrenalin: A big catch!
trastav20: Honda Shadow: American Classic Edition