avery1321: His colorful outfit attracted my eye.
avery1321: There's still room for one more sticker. Maybe?
avery1321: Two British surveyors start their work at the southern boundry of Philadelphia. Mason and Dixon first go south and then west for almost 300 miles to establish the disputed boundries between the colonies of Maryland and Pennsylvania.
avery1321: "Is this a tree?
avery1321: Ye olde waiter at 350-year-old Jessop's Tavern in Newcastle, Delaware.
avery1321: Bomb Bomb: a neighborhood bar-restaurant with a unique name.
avery1321: Here is your medications. That will be $200.
avery1321: She lives on the greenist, most hidden, most integrated street in Philadelphia.
avery1321: A guy who sells clothing on the street and a customer bargain over price.
avery1321: Why was Vice President John Adams sitting in Kesher Israel synagogue in Philadelphia in 1796?
avery1321: A Philadelphia carpenter who arrives at a job on his motorcycle.
avery1321: Nikki likes tiny dogs. Her new pet fits into a pouch that hangs from her neck.
avery1321: Preparing Greek gyros (pronounced yiro) in Philadelphia. The cooks are not Greek.
avery1321: Sitting in a parked car, I shot this woman pulling a wagon with the child. The couple sitting at the table smile at the boy.
avery1321: I think you can buy this house cheap.
avery1321: Waiting for a bus?
avery1321: The whole family is enjoying outdoor brunch. Even the baby is munching something.
avery1321: Lady dressed in black with her black dog.
avery1321: Dancers from PhIadelphia's small Portugese community prepare to perform at Penn's Landing.
avery1321: The Phoenixvillle, Pa., shop is called "Nerd Merch." Those from non-English-speaking nations, don't look in your bi-lingual dictionary for "merch." It's apparently short for "merchandise."
avery1321: Ok, movie experts. Why is this old movie theater in the small town of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, famous?
avery1321: Young couple ready to take a walk in the park, but first a check of their smart phones.
avery1321: No, this is not a gathering of Jewish Zionists. These are born-again Christians.
avery1321: A Mexican-American artist who does excellent folk art.
avery1321: They are always digging-up the streets in Philadelphia.
avery1321: With legs and hair like that, even old fogies like me take notice.
avery1321: The finish of the marathon race is only two miles away, so she decides to walk.
avery1321: An action-packed statue in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park: Saint George slaying the dragon.
avery1321: An alert lifeguard.
avery1321: Philadelphia's Johnson House: a stop on the "underground railroad" for escaped slaves.