avery1321: Why are Moslem women at annual Christmas Village in Philadelphia?
avery1321: The girls do all the work. The male coach gives all the orders.
avery1321: Everything for working witches and Voodoo doctors.
avery1321: Bryce Canyon, Utah, in the snow.
avery1321: Trying to make up his mind at Kaplan's bakery.
avery1321: She's not heavy; she's my sister!
avery1321: House where Grace Kelly (Princess of Monaco) was raised in Philadelphia. Both her father and brother were Olympic scullers (rowers)
avery1321: John B Kelly, won three Olympic gold medals.
avery1321: Princess Lela - very popular look at Comic-Con in Philadelphia
avery1321: Girl poses with art from Haiti in Philadelphia.
avery1321: Haitian masks hang on the walls of a Philadelphia shop full of Haitian art.
avery1321: In Philadelphia, a "steak" is not the same as other places.
avery1321: Near the end of the Philadelphia marathon these lovely ladies greeted the runners.
avery1321: Philadelphia firemen swing into action.
avery1321: Top Philadelphia historian John Francis Marion gets a free plot at historic Laurel Hill Cemetery.
avery1321: Two Philadelphia Mummers stagger back after New Years Day Parade - and a few beers..
avery1321: Philly Mummers at night
avery1321: More used books than you can count.
avery1321: Philadelhia lunch cart - stocked with pretzels and mustard.
avery1321: Weird poster in Philadelphia shop.
avery1321: They once made beer in this abandoned Philadelphia brewery.
avery1321: Quiet Christmas in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia
avery1321: Wise old Ben Franklin is still bragging about his Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper.
avery1321: Shopping in Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market.
avery1321: Samoan craftsman
avery1321: Everybody thinks they are Rocky
avery1321: Philadelphia Puerto Rican arts center
avery1321: Well-known sign for bar-restaurant: Copabanna
avery1321: scarfs for sale
avery1321: Adirondacks canoeist