alexandroskolopedo: Time for piano lesson
alexandroskolopedo: I'm waiting for you here
alexandroskolopedo: life is..good
alexandroskolopedo: I like..your freckles
alexandroskolopedo: I make..thoughts.
alexandroskolopedo: Wonderful...Sea
alexandroskolopedo: let
alexandroskolopedo: new king graffiti
alexandroskolopedo: I see...graffiti
alexandroskolopedo: I'm..ready
alexandroskolopedo: I hold... you tight.
alexandroskolopedo: ride...on horse trails
alexandroskolopedo: lovely snowy place
alexandroskolopedo: scenery with snow
alexandroskolopedo: many.. hairs
alexandroskolopedo: male new head and...beautiful face near me
alexandroskolopedo: tied....strong
alexandroskolopedo: beautiful...face
alexandroskolopedo: time for a coffee
alexandroskolopedo: nice evening with music
alexandroskolopedo: I'm listening to music in club
alexandroskolopedo: one game...
alexandroskolopedo: I
alexandroskolopedo: look at me...
alexandroskolopedo: break...time
alexandroskolopedo: I read a newspaper
alexandroskolopedo: I am waiting here.
alexandroskolopedo: I the time..