rgrippo99: Wood duck stretch
rgrippo99: Stretching mute swan cygnet
rgrippo99: Enjoying the pond
rgrippo99: Baby mallards
rgrippo99: Coy blue jay
rgrippo99: Tree swallow looking over his nest
rgrippo99: Great blue heron feast
rgrippo99: Blacked-crowned night heron
rgrippo99: Mallard baby
rgrippo99: Female Baltimore oriole taking off
rgrippo99: Mute Swan and Babies
rgrippo99: Hungry Seagull
rgrippo99: Scratching that itch
rgrippo99: Celebratory spring ritual
rgrippo99: Mallard
rgrippo99: Double crested cormorant
rgrippo99: Wood duck overlooking the river and snow
rgrippo99: Red-tailed hawk glowing in the sun
rgrippo99: Wood duck pair in flight
rgrippo99: Hooded merganser on the lake
rgrippo99: Turkey in the snow
rgrippo99: Mallard
rgrippo99: Dove in the snow
rgrippo99: Heron in flight
rgrippo99: Half moon
rgrippo99: Female cardinal preparing for the snow
rgrippo99: Cormorants and a wood duck
rgrippo99: Red tulip
rgrippo99: Wood duck in the rain
rgrippo99: White throated sparrow