ppolitanoff: Beomeosa Buddhist Temple Geumjeong-gu, Busan
ppolitanoff: Lifeguard Station, Redondo Beach. Leica M10 w/ 50mm Summilux.
ppolitanoff: Closing Time. Jagalchi Fish Market, Busan South Korea.
ppolitanoff: Night Fishing, Redondo Beach Pier.. King Harbor
ppolitanoff: RedUmbrella - Hermosa Beach CA
ppolitanoff: Butcher in Hong Kong, appears to be weighing pork belly. Sony a9
ppolitanoff: Erecting the bamboo scaffolding.
ppolitanoff: Pork Butcher, Hong Kong
ppolitanoff: Walking along the beach, his youth is like a mirage in the distance.
ppolitanoff: Surf - 01
ppolitanoff: Surf - 02
ppolitanoff: Surf - 03
ppolitanoff: Surf - 04
ppolitanoff: Another day at the beach!
ppolitanoff: ScalingTheCatch
ppolitanoff: Rinsing off the salt and sand
ppolitanoff: HeadingIntoSunset
ppolitanoff: PlayaDelReyBeach
ppolitanoff: Birds maintaining social distancing.
ppolitanoff: LowTide-MorningHaze
ppolitanoff: Auto portrait on a well decorated wall!
ppolitanoff: M6 & Japanese Whisky.
ppolitanoff: Find Your Beach - Western Blvd.
ppolitanoff: Pandemic shopping mall.
ppolitanoff: Long stairs - longboard.
ppolitanoff: LoadingTheNets
ppolitanoff: Manhattan Beach this morning!
ppolitanoff: St Francis Is Looking Over Someones Shoulder