Kakki17: Reflections of the Past
Kakki17: Cheers...A Blue Curacao in Curacao
Kakki17: Don't Trip and Fall in the Garden
Kakki17: Believe in Wishes Coming True - Toss a Coin
Kakki17: Dreamsicle Daylily
Kakki17: Beautiful Shade of Blue
Kakki17: Lacy Lock
Kakki17: Tick Tock, Wind the Clock
Kakki17: Melting Into Each Other's Arms
Kakki17: Shimmering Sea Life
Kakki17: Marvelous Melon
Kakki17: Planet Puzzle
Kakki17: Optical Illusion: Mountains are Remote (6 Miles Away)
Kakki17: Lover of Leaves
Kakki17: Red Hot
Kakki17: Scary Scorpion a la Black Light (yes it’s real)
Kakki17: Hey Neighbor Lady, Can I Borrow a Cup of Sugar?
Kakki17: Haunted Ruins at Sheldon Church (see description for additional detail)
Kakki17: Glistening, Glowing Globe
Kakki17: ORANGE you a fan of flowers?
Kakki17: Lacy Little Leaves
Kakki17: Serious Case of Split Ends
Kakki17: Marry Me? Asters=Adoration and Affection
Kakki17: Buzzing Over to the Bee Buffet
Kakki17: B is for Bloom
Kakki17: Breaking in Fancy, New, Leather Boots
Kakki17: Hooks Put to Good Use
Kakki17: Tree and Rock Engaged in a Tight Hug
Kakki17: Moomaid of the Village
Kakki17: Lazy Susan? Seems to me like she's a pretty hard worker!