Daniel Philipona: 817: Schelten
Mindaugas Buivydas: november's somber melody
the ripped bystander: forest heart
[@]Jendrix56: Yesterday girl
Mindaugas Buivydas: from the series "don't break the silence"
[@]Jendrix56: Daydreamers
jackbarnosky1: Indiana Spiritualist, " I visioned it"
___F___: Pure
Anandamide: Secret Gardens #80
windingnumbers-unwind: Beauty is not caused. It is
Dyrk.Wyst: leave the past behind
windingnumbers-unwind: I know some lonely houses off the road...
Mindaugas Buivydas: from the series "my monochrome autumn"
szélléva: autumn forest on a sunny day
the ripped bystander: night coming
zanimo (on & off): autoportrait en noyé