johnwaters2019: Carnation
johnwaters2019: Floral Deceased
johnwaters2019: Chrysanthemums
johnwaters2019: Floral log
johnwaters2019: Dreamy rose
johnwaters2019: Rhapsody in blue
johnwaters2019: Rosebud-
johnwaters2019: Misty Rose 2-
johnwaters2019: Carnation
johnwaters2019: Misty Rose
johnwaters2019: Misty Chrysanthemum
johnwaters2019: Misty Chrysanthemum 3
johnwaters2019: Misty Chrysanthemum 2
johnwaters2019: Still life
johnwaters2019: In the woods
johnwaters2019: Chrysanthemum 4
johnwaters2019: Topaz meets Lensbaby5
johnwaters2019: Topaz meets Lensbaby4
johnwaters2019: Topaz meets Lensbaby3
johnwaters2019: Topaz meets Lensbaby2
johnwaters2019: Lensbaby Omni2
johnwaters2019: Lensbaby Omni
johnwaters2019: Study on a wet afternoon
johnwaters2019: Topaz meets Lensbaby
johnwaters2019: Mixed bunch
johnwaters2019: Gladioli abstract
johnwaters2019: Floral stillife with log