Kōkei: Your constructs will crumble
Kōkei: Boredom persists
Kōkei: When boredom sets in
Kōkei: When boredom sets in
Kōkei: Ghost girl
Kōkei: Pull me in, reach out to me
Kōkei: The Seamstress
Kōkei: Cuts through time
Kōkei: The sea notices me not, she rages and calms, gallops and flies, yet I return with open arms
Kōkei: The wheel goes round the sand turns to sea and the people just want to be happy.
Kōkei: The Queen
Kōkei: Broken Britain
Kōkei: The fisherman's steady vessel rests at midnight
Kōkei: Elegance
Kōkei: Midnight moon reveals
Kōkei: I could've been out all night in this light
Kōkei: Cherry Blossoms and people, springtime in Kyoto
Kōkei: The serene water, becomes a torrent and then, is yet calm again.
Kōkei: The four eyed monster? Showing her disdain for the camera
Kōkei: Rage rage
Kōkei: 'Take me to the place I love, take me all the way'
Kōkei: 35mm film shot (cropped) Kite surfing in Oahu, Hawaii
Kōkei: Black Lives Matter Mural
Kōkei: There's a devil in us all
Kōkei: Deep Purple looking sea right here
Kōkei: 'Kick push kick push'
Kōkei: Jimi knows
Kōkei: 'At a distance you're strong, Until the wind comes, Then you crumble and blow away'
Kōkei: This is a bridge, it is a very organised Japanese bridge.
Kōkei: Ell