HaveA7WillTravel: Taiwanese Fried Chicken Vendor in Taipei
HaveA7WillTravel: National Taiwan University Liberal Arts Teaching Hall 國立臺灣大學 博雅教學館
HaveA7WillTravel: "Men to the left, because women are always right" bathroom sign in Taipei
HaveA7WillTravel: Burmese Barbecued Pork Noodles 叉燒麵
HaveA7WillTravel: "Today's Special: Free Hugs" at the Taihu Craft Beer Tasting Room 啜飲室大安
HaveA7WillTravel: Hainan Chicken Rice 海南雞飯 from miss guo 果小姐 at National Taiwan University
HaveA7WillTravel: I ❤️ NTU = I Love National Taiwan University
HaveA7WillTravel: Musa acuminata bananas, native to southeast Asia
HaveA7WillTravel: Aerial View of Ximending 西門町 in Taipei from Rooftop
HaveA7WillTravel: Taiwan Beer 台灣啤酒 and View of Yangmingshan Mountain 陽明山 from Jinshan Beach 金山
HaveA7WillTravel: 亞美豆漿 24-Hour Corner Diner in Zhubei 竹北 , Taiwan
HaveA7WillTravel: Fern Coffee Art in Matcha Latte from Cafe de Gear in Taipei
HaveA7WillTravel: Mossy Pipe along Yongfu Bridge 永福橋 across the Tamsui River 淡水河 from Yonghe to Taipei
HaveA7WillTravel: Hidden Temple in Lantern Alleyway in Taipei
HaveA7WillTravel: Japanese Curry Rice from 小丘 chiu in Taiwan
HaveA7WillTravel: Taipei Skyline from Muzhishan 拇指山
HaveA7WillTravel: U.S. Congress Representative Ruben Gallego and Former American Institute of Taiwan AIT Director William Stanton at National Taiwan University
HaveA7WillTravel: National Taiwan University New Core Subjects Classroom Building
HaveA7WillTravel: Sesame Flatbread 燒餅 (Shaobing)
HaveA7WillTravel: Purple Lotus Flower in Classical Asian Pot at National Taiwan University
HaveA7WillTravel: Jazz Vocalist 薛詒丹 Dan Hsueh at GQ 城市野營 Urban Camping Festival in Taipei
HaveA7WillTravel: FamilyMart and 7-11 Directly Across From One Another by Shida Night Market 師大夜市
HaveA7WillTravel: Kao Chi 高記 上海料理 Shanghai Restaurant in Taipei. Final Day Before Closing.
HaveA7WillTravel: Cheese and Potato Egg Crepe 蛋餅 from Morning Eat 晨食早餐 in Taipei
HaveA7WillTravel: "Pizza has a Face" Neon Sign in Taipei
HaveA7WillTravel: Rooftop View from National Chung Hsing Library of Blue Basketball Courts
HaveA7WillTravel: Minquan West Road MRT Station in Taipei, Back Entrance
HaveA7WillTravel: Emergency Access Road, "Fire Exit Lane," at National Taiwan University
HaveA7WillTravel: 24-Hour Beef Noodle Soup from 富宏牛肉麵 in Taipei
HaveA7WillTravel: Tier-Arch Bridge Above Shilin MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Station in Taipei