Travelposts: Yesterday's sunset at Enschede (NL)
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Travelposts: IMG_20190716_123845_753
Travelposts: IMG_20190713_222629_269
Travelposts: IMG_20190718_002352_664
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Travelposts: Central Education Institution of the Netherlands
Travelposts: Hydrangea macrophylia with dewdrops
Travelposts: #Kniphofia or in English #flameflower
Travelposts: A #ryelily at my #favorite garden captured with a #parasitewasp
Travelposts: Electricity pylon
Travelposts: Jacobaea vulgaris / Senecio jacobaea
Travelposts: Butterfly on a thistle
Travelposts: Waterlilies
Travelposts: Gulls movement at sunset
Travelposts: It's summer for this dwarfsunflower
Travelposts: Malvaceae
Travelposts: This poppy probably needed some shadow ⛱️
Travelposts: First pop out of my blue hydrangea
Travelposts: 4th dimension
Travelposts: 4th dimension
Travelposts: Cloudy lake
Travelposts: Cloudy lake
Travelposts: Mom? I'm hungry 😩