hoafqftm44: Sunset crossing
hoafqftm44: Taxi!
hoafqftm44: Sunset on Lymington river
hoafqftm44: Splash
hoafqftm44: Island glow
hoafqftm44: Milford shore
hoafqftm44: Just mountains and sky
hoafqftm44: Clywedog reservoir
hoafqftm44: Another winding road in Wales
hoafqftm44: Shades of green
hoafqftm44: The Welsh countryside
hoafqftm44: Open road
hoafqftm44: The Isle of Wight and The Needles Lighthouse
hoafqftm44: The Lighthouse and Needles
hoafqftm44: Horses on the beach
hoafqftm44: Horse on the beach
hoafqftm44: Entrance to Lymington river
hoafqftm44: Youngster
hoafqftm44: Mum and new foal
hoafqftm44: Bit of spring colour!
hoafqftm44: Foal grazing
hoafqftm44: Foal following mum
hoafqftm44: Foal and mum
hoafqftm44: Catching bait
hoafqftm44: Watching the sun go down over Poole
hoafqftm44: Afternoon sleep
hoafqftm44: Mudeford at low tide
hoafqftm44: Milford shore