mikala.aldridge: Sometimes flowers don’t need colour to look beautiful .....
mikala.aldridge: Warnham Nature Reserve.
mikala.aldridge: Some amazing Fungus found growing further up a tree.
mikala.aldridge: Warnham Fungus
mikala.aldridge: Autumn 🍂
mikala.aldridge: Chartwell Garden. Such an amazingly beautiful garden I saw whilst visiting here.
mikala.aldridge: Chartwell Garden.
mikala.aldridge: Chartwell Garden Beauty.
mikala.aldridge: Stunning garden at Chartwell House & Gardens.
mikala.aldridge: Mudan Peony growing in the garden.
mikala.aldridge: Beauty from the garden. 🌹
mikala.aldridge: Brighton Pavilion Garden - Simply pretty flower with Stunning Butterfly.
mikala.aldridge: Vibrant pretty pink flower from the garden.
mikala.aldridge: Butterfly at Warnham
mikala.aldridge: Pompei Flowers
mikala.aldridge: No words needed ....
mikala.aldridge: Passion flower from the garden.
mikala.aldridge: Common Blue - Warnham.
mikala.aldridge: Lovely beautiful Rose from the garden.