AlmostInvisible: Blessing the sailors
AlmostInvisible: Hibernating
AlmostInvisible: Meandering through the alleys
AlmostInvisible: No entry or exit anymore
AlmostInvisible: Monastery
AlmostInvisible: Last vine leaves of last year
AlmostInvisible: Sunrise at Covão
AlmostInvisible: Pause or fermata
AlmostInvisible: Leaving before dusk
AlmostInvisible: Fishing in blue
AlmostInvisible: Farm wall
AlmostInvisible: Crews taking a break
AlmostInvisible: Stark white
AlmostInvisible: Monstera deliciosa
AlmostInvisible: Sun kissing petal
AlmostInvisible: Xmas shopping at old stationery
AlmostInvisible: Street to the prairie
AlmostInvisible: Corleone family office
AlmostInvisible: Decayed "monte"
AlmostInvisible: Door and a half
AlmostInvisible: Grazing fields
AlmostInvisible: Santa is on the way