f/63: 15
f/63: Miscellaneous porcelain
f/63: Lamp by window light
f/63: Stacked
f/63: Self
f/63: Shaft of Light
f/63: Heavenly Illumination
f/63: Flying Buttresses
f/63: The Square, Winchester
f/63: Vinyl Records
f/63: Single track road with passing places
f/63: Gate to the Golf Course
f/63: Spare Tyre
f/63: Almost Home
f/63: Crabwood Cottage
f/63: Contemplative
f/63: General Stores
f/63: Old Railway Bridge
f/63: St Cross Hospital
f/63: Hotwall Steps
f/63: Cathedral colours
f/63: Early breakfast outside General Store
f/63: Private
f/63: Good updraft
f/63: Southampton Water at Sunset
f/63: The Carpenters Arms
f/63: Photo London 2021
f/63: Fishing
f/63: Resting
f/63: Climbing