T.S-B.: scary
T.S-B.: a knot in the light
T.S-B.: game-over
T.S-B.: ~ Little Neymar is waiting for his ice cream ~
T.S-B.: About waiting in vain for a leg
T.S-B.: Railway bridge
T.S-B.: dots and doves
T.S-B.: stormtrooper-in-spe
T.S-B.: high noon
T.S-B.: 2.45 p.m.
T.S-B.: t(h)ree
T.S-B.: wildlife in the city
T.S-B.: Enjoying the sun
T.S-B.: The ravages of time
T.S-B.: playing-with-DOF
T.S-B.: walking
T.S-B.: =/