Peter.Stokes: Sailing ship ODYSSEAS - Santorini, Greece
Peter.Stokes: Athinios harbour, Santorini, Greece
Peter.Stokes: The Santorini caldera with its volcanic central island, Nea Kameni.
Peter.Stokes: Looking down into the caldera from the new Akrotiri Village
Peter.Stokes: The ruins of the old Akrotiri on Santorini
Peter.Stokes: Rellics from Akrotiri. Santorini, Greece
Peter.Stokes: Amazing caldera (volcanic) slopes below Fira, Santorini, Greece
Peter.Stokes: Over the edge - Fira, on the edge of a volcano - Santorini, Greece
Peter.Stokes: Zoom in to see the zig-zag road from Athinios harbour, Santorini
Peter.Stokes: Santorini Ferry DONISIOS SOLOMOS
Peter.Stokes: Pullmantur Cruise ship HORIZON at Santorini, Greece
Peter.Stokes: Approaching Santorini across the caldera.
Peter.Stokes: The Imerovigli peninsular on the north of the Island of Santorini
Peter.Stokes: Thira (or Fira), the capitol of Santorini (Zoom for close view)
Peter.Stokes: Fira above, Port Santorini, at sea level
Peter.Stokes: An Abandoned industrial loading Jetty/Wharf
Peter.Stokes: Basel SSB railway station
Peter.Stokes: Basel old town hall
Peter.Stokes: Basel historic tram
Peter.Stokes: Basel 1 (Central Post Office)
Peter.Stokes: Cobbled street in old Basel, Switzerland
Peter.Stokes: An unusual sign in Cochin, India
Peter.Stokes: I prefer to eat it! Cochin, India
Peter.Stokes: Sunset storm clouds. Fort William, Scotland
Peter.Stokes: Sunset - Fort William, Scotland
Peter.Stokes: Orchids
Peter.Stokes: Orchids
Peter.Stokes: Orchids
Peter.Stokes: Orchids
Peter.Stokes: Orchids