terrylw64: Bailey's
terrylw64: It's A Bridge
terrylw64: No Ham For You
terrylw64: Lantern - Single color
terrylw64: Mack vs Brick - HDR
terrylw64: Walking upon the backs of turtles
terrylw64: Butterfly Bike
terrylw64: Rock House Cave - Private Quarters
terrylw64: Rock House Cave - Center
terrylw64: Really Old Chalkboard
terrylw64: 1955 Ford Thunderbird
terrylw64: 1937 Packard Town Car
terrylw64: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertable
terrylw64: Muse Country Store
terrylw64: Americana if not for Pepsi
terrylw64: Garvin Woodlands
terrylw64: Abandoned Nash
terrylw64: _DSC1832 - Original
terrylw64: Running through Water Spout
terrylw64: Wife Holds Up Wall
terrylw64: Ed Galloway's Totem Pole Park
terrylw64: Chelsea Motel - Route 66
terrylw64: Route 66 Inn at Vinita
terrylw64: Avon Motel - Route 66
terrylw64: Relics
terrylw64: The Ribbon Road - Route 66
terrylw64: This Bud's For You
terrylw64: Vertical Tractor - HDR
terrylw64: Pine Bluff Rails
terrylw64: Woman Passing Mural