1mike69: Spot light fungus
1mike69: Misty Calla Lily
1mike69: Brick and Glass
1mike69: Sensuous Lilly
1mike69: Sit a spell.
1mike69: Out of the dark
1mike69: Dark Lilly
1mike69: Texture
1mike69: Texture
1mike69: WATER DROPS
1mike69: fl-magno-sd9-5-1503
1mike69: Magnolia Flower
1mike69: Magnolia Blossom
1mike69: Elderly Hosta II
1mike69: The edge
1mike69: Puple Dreams
1mike69: n-spring-sd5-5 105
1mike69: Boring,self isolation.
1mike69: Bored,second week isolation.
1mike69: Touch Down Leaves
1mike69: Spring Leaf
1mike69: Elderly hosta leaf
1mike69: Baby gator
1mike69: Old iron
1mike69: Olympic Penninsula Coast
1mike69: Olympic Peninsula coast
1mike69: The rugged Olympic coast.
1mike69: Drift Wood
1mike69: Whale of a tail