reallanthreee: Intersection through nowhere
reallanthreee: Darkness the Leviathan
reallanthreee: Red garage
reallanthreee: Street lights for the sleep deprived
reallanthreee: She took a path with me that day Never knowing if that road would stray -M.M.
reallanthreee: Radioactive
reallanthreee: "All i see is green lights" -NF
reallanthreee: Its 3:00am
reallanthreee: Lights out
reallanthreee: The sun sets and the dark settles
reallanthreee: Night owls coming out
reallanthreee: Pizza joint
reallanthreee: Capture then collect. Not things you could dissect. The past is not a thing, more like something to reflect upon...a place that i once went or a person i once met.. Three things make this possible An eye, a camera and keen intellect
reallanthreee: Last year disappeared last night
reallanthreee: July of seventeen
reallanthreee: Orange and black
reallanthreee: LUCY: wife of thomas day until 1852, a long life lived; a strong wife loved; a few words told her tale etched in stone; the rest they left to fade with flesh, whats left is stone and dirt pressing against and meshing with remnants of bone.
reallanthreee: Lawn at dawn
reallanthreee: Ruminating on the illuminating days past of Maine's amazing sunny summer forecast
reallanthreee: The last pickup
reallanthreee: MryXms from P.ME
reallanthreee: Evening fog
reallanthreee: Industrial building
reallanthreee: Years of ware
reallanthreee: Thinking of October
reallanthreee: Into the dark