reallanthreee: Another day swept away
reallanthreee: God bless: America the hot mess
reallanthreee: Missing pieces of myself
reallanthreee: Slipping away
reallanthreee: Ice cream in the ice cold rain
reallanthreee: Stranger's inside
reallanthreee: Aglow in the dark
reallanthreee: Chvrchs
reallanthreee: Ninth block for this Night hawk is a light walk
reallanthreee: My 1st b/w
reallanthreee: Ruminating about the past at 47mph
reallanthreee: Labyrinth
reallanthreee: Breaking free
reallanthreee: Chvrchs
reallanthreee: A somersworth sidewalk
reallanthreee: Keep your head up
reallanthreee: Carving through state lines
reallanthreee: The bridge
reallanthreee: Disassociation of identities
reallanthreee: Take flight
reallanthreee: Arrival
reallanthreee: Breaking through
reallanthreee: Lost and so afraid, in a world I never made
reallanthreee: Nightshade
reallanthreee: A sunsetting in somersworth streetscape
reallanthreee: For the F*** of it. Sick of taking pictures with a crappy phone. Whatever, F*** it
reallanthreee: Coffee house
reallanthreee: Ruminate
reallanthreee: Orange and black
reallanthreee: Missing green, all colors of spring.