reallanthreee: a beautiful day
reallanthreee: Holding on until i can't
reallanthreee: Alleyway
reallanthreee: Nocturnal nature
reallanthreee: somewhere in Portland i rome, i side street directly off of congress
reallanthreee: A perfect balance of a blue and yellow sky
reallanthreee: This is for love...
reallanthreee: Colors of may
reallanthreee: The hill
reallanthreee: Ominous
reallanthreee: Brick Boxes over the blurry line
reallanthreee: Behind forest walls
reallanthreee: Capt. Joel Barnes of The Berwick Fire Department died a hero in this apartment not too long ago. I just wanted to express my gratitude to him and all fire fighters alike.
reallanthreee: Local projects
reallanthreee: The local pharm, where consumers come to get milked for everything they've got by the insurance companies
reallanthreee: Reflective sides
reallanthreee: BOREDOM=Fu**!nG Ar0unD Happy cinco de mayo!!!
reallanthreee: Abstraction
reallanthreee: Gently passing through this lovely Golden hour
reallanthreee: Red shed
reallanthreee: Wandering about in waterboro
reallanthreee: Dying storm
reallanthreee: Rainy days and sunshine times
reallanthreee: The reflective side of self holds no substance here in the realm of the physical and very little value. As for the spiritual, well thats money in the bank my friend.
reallanthreee: VICTORIOUS
reallanthreee: Thank you Saint mary
reallanthreee: Captured by the nights captivating mood
reallanthreee: Into the woods