tao.of.jonathon: This Message From Bill Gates may be a fake......
tao.of.jonathon: FRESH MADE PICO DE GALLO
tao.of.jonathon: LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE
tao.of.jonathon: 5.5' hand carved wooden carousel horse 1982
tao.of.jonathon: Carved leaves on slate tile
tao.of.jonathon: Metal Dragonfly mobile
tao.of.jonathon: Metal gathering of fall leaves 40"
tao.of.jonathon: 36" metal sun burst
tao.of.jonathon: Carved Shaman stones
tao.of.jonathon: 28" metal Dragonfly
tao.of.jonathon: 22" metal Dragonfly
tao.of.jonathon: 24" metal dragonfly
tao.of.jonathon: 28" metal sun face
tao.of.jonathon: 36" metal sun face
tao.of.jonathon: Metal grape and leaves
tao.of.jonathon: Another metal sun face
tao.of.jonathon: day lilies
tao.of.jonathon: My Drawing Table
tao.of.jonathon: Iron Sunflower 12" flower
tao.of.jonathon: 8 ft Meditation Pyramid
tao.of.jonathon: Ceramic Green Man
tao.of.jonathon: Iron Green Man
tao.of.jonathon: Irron Sunface
tao.of.jonathon: WHO MADE IT??????????
tao.of.jonathon: ABSTRACT OIL PAINTING
tao.of.jonathon: ABSTRACT DRAWING
tao.of.jonathon: SEA LIFE PAINTING 1982
tao.of.jonathon: JOURNEY INTO BLUE 1982