Chad Trepasso: Buck stuff.
Chad Trepasso: All red. / Howell, Michigan
Chad Trepasso: L518 @ The farm / Grove City, PA / Thank you Chad Bolton
Chad Trepasso: Repeating the process.
Chad Trepasso: The "worst" shot of the trip.
Chad Trepasso: 317 heads back down the Bayard towards Mingo Jct, OH as it passes the position lights at Vanport, PA
Chad Trepasso: Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, literally. / LSRC Z127 Holly, Michigan
Chad Trepasso: It aint much, but its honest work.
Chad Trepasso: All red on the west end while a storm approaches / Howell, Michigan
Chad Trepasso: LSRC OCS-25 @ Great Lakes National Cemetery / Newark, Mich
Chad Trepasso: Mail time for the Buffalo & Pittsburgh / Butler, PA
Chad Trepasso: CN U702 / Conneautville, PA
Chad Trepasso: Just the tip.
Chad Trepasso: Lake State Railway train Z127 heads south through a very small dot on the map called Clyde as the train continues on towards destination Wixom, Michigan
Chad Trepasso: Great Lakes Central SD40-2 382 is getting train OSTN back to speed after flagging the crossing at west st, seen here passing the Ann Arbor railroad depot and entering "the cut" headed geographically east through downtown Howell, Michigan
Chad Trepasso: A photo not possible without sacrifice. / Lake State Railway train Z127-19- Great Lakes National Cemetery, Newark, Michigan
Chad Trepasso: Last Time @ South Fostoria
Chad Trepasso: Bread & Butter
Chad Trepasso: The change up / LSRC Z127-14 Holly, Michigan
Chad Trepasso: All is quiet at the Harvest Mills elevator in Durand, Michigan as Great Lakes Central train OSTN, lead by GP38-2 396, pulls out of the Durand yard to make head room for the next move.
Chad Trepasso: Bee & Mr. Blue
Chad Trepasso: Fowlerville, Michigan comes to a grinding halt as D708 runs west back to Lansing having finished switching the industries along the Plymouth sub.
Chad Trepasso: Far from home BLE 878 is in run 8 working hard bringing its 49 car train 501 west over the hill at Bancroft, Michigan
Chad Trepasso: LSRC train Z127 pummels the diamond with the CN at Kearsley Jct in Flint, Michigan, headed north to McGrew yard.
Chad Trepasso: Grand Rapids & Eastern 2104 shoves back 3 centerbeams into the yard at fuller jct that it has just picked up from the interchange with the Coopersville & Marne in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is a former GTW line that went to Durand.
Chad Trepasso: Saved by the sucker
Chad Trepasso: Its just another summer night in Deshler, Ohio as K172 takes the signal down at S. Deshler as it heads south with loads from Toledo.
Chad Trepasso: The Grand Elk local 503 is heading back to their train after spotting a boxcar to international paper in 3 Rivers, Michigan, this spur is part of the former MC Air Line branch but is now used to service this industry & 1 other via a switch at 4th street.
Chad Trepasso: LSRC SD40-2's 6305 & 6302 pop out of the darkness that was another cloud trying to steal the sunshine as Z127 passes the C&O signals at Bristol rd in Burton, Michigan headed south towards Wixom.
Chad Trepasso: HESR 2026 & and an exCentral Michigan Canadian cab shove back on the HESR just north of the mershon diamond in Saginaw, Michigan. later I went on and absolutely destroyed that piece of wood in the road.