The-Brown-Man: Tiger's Nest
The-Brown-Man: Rinpung Dzong, Bhutan
The-Brown-Man: Monks - Punakha Dzong
The-Brown-Man: Japanese Covered Bridge - Hoi An
The-Brown-Man: Druk Air Flight
The-Brown-Man: Halong Bay Sunrise
The-Brown-Man: Druk Air Flight
The-Brown-Man: Thimphu, Bhutan
The-Brown-Man: Hung Vuong, Ba Dinh Sqare
The-Brown-Man: Hoi An @ Night
The-Brown-Man: Halong Bay
The-Brown-Man: Hanoi Alley
The-Brown-Man: Monk of Bhutan
The-Brown-Man: Temple of Literature
The-Brown-Man: Thu Bon River
The-Brown-Man: Thu Bon River
The-Brown-Man: My Brother
The-Brown-Man: Punakha Tshechu
The-Brown-Man: Bhutanese Girl
The-Brown-Man: Pu Luong Nature Reserve
The-Brown-Man: Hoi An Ancient Town
The-Brown-Man: Golden Silk Orb-Weaver Spider
The-Brown-Man: Night Alley of Hanoi
The-Brown-Man: Train Street, Hanoi
The-Brown-Man: P1000885-1
The-Brown-Man: P1000886-1
The-Brown-Man: Bhutanese Woman
The-Brown-Man: This young boy kept running past me at the Punakha Dzong, he eventually motioned to the camera - he wanted his pic taken a few separate times, when I showed him the camera, he started to press a few buttons until his mom told him off.