gue*: der Bug
gue*: communal life has to be frozen nowadays
gue*: die CoVid-Zeit überbrücken
gue*: citrus fruits splash
gue*: Helleborus orientalis
gue*: protection or chaos?
gue*: lucky, who is locked-in with garden
gue*: Trepponti
gue*: Ruine Aggstein, ca. 1983
gue*: slip ring
gue*: was wird aus dieser Wurzel wachsen?
gue*: Let's get out!
gue*: Pelton-Turbine
gue*: Laundry, about 100 years old
gue*: Kraftwerk Wienerbruck
gue*: clear water
gue*: old and beautiful
gue*: Generator built in 1908
gue*: aesthetics of a low-pressure turbine
gue*: Naturkraft
gue*: OeBB Zentrale
gue*: reflections
gue*: Fastenpullover
gue*: Woman and Child
gue*: Schützenantrieb
gue*: in a power station of 1908
gue*: Baujahr 1908
gue*: Netsuke
gue*: Netsuke
gue*: Am Graben