ajpm68: The bulletman!
ajpm68: Alessandro Zaccone - Promo Racing
ajpm68: Niki Tuuli - Team Stylobike
ajpm68: Yari, the Great! 😀
ajpm68: Happy birthday, Portuguese Air Force!
ajpm68: Spanish "hornet"! 😄
ajpm68: My first raptor ever 😀
ajpm68: "The Low-Flight Kings" - now showing in an airport in your neighbourhood!
ajpm68: Pleasing the cheering shadows!
ajpm68: The speedy Russians 😃
ajpm68: The smiling Polish!
ajpm68: Make way!
ajpm68: The Spanish Mini 😃
ajpm68: What's that over there moving so fast? It's the Ford pick-up of Pedro Silva and José Janela!
ajpm68: The Italian duo 😃
ajpm68: The Luxembourgers 😃
ajpm68: Catch us if you can!
ajpm68: Put your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel...
ajpm68: It's swing time!
ajpm68: White chocolate! 😃
ajpm68: Saudade...
ajpm68: As far as the eye can see...
ajpm68: Going down!
ajpm68: The "new Millennium"
ajpm68: Gold on blue 😃
ajpm68: Airbus A340 CS-TOD "D. Francisco de Almeida"
ajpm68: Rackham, the smiling shark 😀
ajpm68: The very first one
ajpm68: A controlled jump! 😀
ajpm68: The white fury! 😃